Have you thought up a way to make your service more responsive, innovative, trusted and ambitious but need funding to help make it happen?

If you're currently a Council of the Future Project Manager who has an idea that will help deliver benefits at a faster pace, you can apply to our Change Fund to turn that idea into a reality.

In February, elected members agreed to increase our Change Fund coffers to £1m for this financial year (2019/20) providing more opportunities to help make change happen.

For your chance to benefit from the fund, all you have to do is collect the application form on this page telling us about the project, why it needs investment, timescales, and the benefits and return on the investment.

If you need any further information on the Change Fund email the Programme Management Office.

Change Fund bids are evaluated by a Change Fund Panel against criteria including financial returns on investment, alignment to Council priorities, and time to implement.

Bids for £75k and less will be awarded by the Change Fund Panel. Awards for over £75k will be made by the Council of the Future Board.

Several Change Fund bids have been approved:

  • £150k across Bright Starts, Bright Futures, Reimagining Secondary Education and Support & Learning for All. The money will be used to fund additional resource to investigate a more modern approach to our education system.
  • £25k to Virtual Classrooms to ensure pupils without access to a device have the same opportunity to learn online.
  • £140k to the Strategic Property Review (SPR) to resource a small team that will facilitate, drive and maximise the impact of the SPR.
  • £100k to Integrated Resource Management Systems. This will ensure managers can access service data and information in one place to inform decision making.
  • c£70k to Transformation of Roads & Ground to work with an organisation skilled in helping local authorities improve their frontline services.
  • £60k to Procuring for the Future to automate procurement and invoicing processes.
  • £50k to Closer to Communities take on resource to fund a dedicated project manager who will look at the whole council's approach to working with communities.