To improve the outcomes and life chances for our most vulnerable children and young people, we need to transform the services that support them. We'll do this by delivering on our five-year Closer to Home strategy.

The plan lays down our ambitions, priorities and objectives which have one key aim – to intervene as early as possible, providing the right support to help significantly reduce the number of children and young people who need to be looked after outwith their family and community.

This will help us ensure more children and young people are supported locally within a family setting and at school and will place them – and their families – central to decision making and planning about their care.

As part of our core business we will:

  • work in partnership with communities to ensure decisions and services are right for them.
  • form stronger ties with our communities and partners to improve the lives of our most vulnerable.
  • raise aspirations and help everyone live independent and fulfilling lives.
  • ensure children and young people thrive in their education/training.

As part of our recovery, children and young people will be supported to catch up and succeed in learning.