During the pandemic thousands of our most vulnerable people got the help they needed because communities rallied together, tapping into our support when they needed it. This new way of working created new partnerships and strengthened others. This project aims to build on these to ensure we provide the right support, in the right way, to the right people, at the right time.

We'll do that by working with our communities to help transform how services are delivered, ensuring the support we offer meets their needs. We will also help communities identify the buildings and land they want to make better use of and support them to do just that. To achieve this, we will develop new and creative ways to deliver community support and make sure communities have a say on how money is spent.

As part of our core business we will:

  • work to protect and improve the health & wellbeing of all.
  • ask, listen, and act on what our communities tell us.
  • cut red tape to make it easier for communities to make decisions for themselves.
  • build on new strengths created within our communities.

As part of our recovery we will:

  • review how the value of existing support might be increased to help meet the additional pressures low income families are facing and what more we can do to ensure families in need are able to access the support available.
  • create a more joined up approach across the Council, with our partners and the Voluntary and Third Sectors to look at pathways out of poverty for the most vulnerable.
  • redefine our relationships with communities, Third Sector and voluntary sector in how we work together to realise opportunities and respond to challenges ahead, learning from how these roles responded to COVID-19.