The projects in this workstream will:

  • Benefit our communities as:
    • Our Services will be more efficient, responsive and standardised.
    • Overly bureaucratic processes that underpin services will be reviewed and streamlined.
    • Decisions on service delivery will be based on sound evidence from our customers.
    • There will be more flexibility for customers and communities in the way they engage with us.
    • Our workforce will be more mobile, flexible and able to serve our customers timeously in their communities and therefore less reliant on physical buildings.
    • Our communities will be empowered by improved access to data about our services.
  • Improve digital skills for our staff and communities.
  • Support the development of digital infrastructure to work smarter in any location to benefit residents, businesses and employees.
  • Provide equal learning opportunities with increased course flexibility for all children, including the most vulnerable by offering virtual solutions.

    Rock Solid Technology

    The best information and communications technology (ICT) to support the delivery of secure and cost effective digital services across the Council.

    Integrated Resource Management System

    This project seeks to streamline HR & Payroll processes by converting manual processes to digital and seeks to deliver timely, relevant and meaningful management information to allow informed decision making.

    Delivering Modern & Digital Services

    Our vision for the Falkirk area is that all services are focussed on how they can use digital technology to improve access to services, communicate and engage with citizens more effectively and reduce costs. The organisation's core purpose is to deliver public services that meets the needs of our communities.

    Digital Transformation of Revenue & Benefits

    Review and implement opportunities for digital transformation in Revenues & Benefits. Includes automation of processing and harnessing of Artificial Intelligence.

    Digital Transformation of Governance

    Review and implement opportunities for digital transformation in Governance. Includes online channel shift for licensing applications and electronic case management.

    Digital Transformation of Business Support

    Review and implement opportunities for digital transformation in Business Support. Includes redesign of shift data collation through use of shift management systems.

    Digital Transformation of HR & Payroll

    Review and implement opportunities for digital transformation in HR & Payroll.

    Virtual Classrooms

    Using technology to transform the way that our pupils learn. Virtual classrooms can provide an equitable and flexible curriculum within our schools while allowing our students to learn from anywhere.

    Digital Solutions for Design, Roads & Transport

    Embracing available technology to underpin a more efficient and responsive workforce. This project will review opportunities for use of Artificial Intelligence to deliver services in a more modern and efficient way.

    LED Street Lighting

    Savings generated from increased efficiency from the implementation of LED Street Lighting.

    Next Generation Contact Centre

    Implementation of new telephony within the contact centre including a single phone number for the Council, offers additional capabilities, which allow quality control so we can improve the service being delivered to our customers better managed and integrated services.

    Smart Sensor Shield

    Development of a pioneering Smart Sensor Shield for the industrial complex to provide additional security, resilience and monitoring to businesses and the community, using new technology to make the area the safest location for business and one which offers unprecedented levels of control over environmental management.

    Analogue to Digital Telecare Transition

    Transition our current analogue MECS system from an analogue to digitally enabled system. This will encompass 3,500 service users and also deliver a new Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC).