The projects in this workstream will:

  • Help us work better with our communities to understand their needs and aspirations.
  • Improve how we co-design and produce services with our community partners to best meet the needs and aspirations of our communities.
  • Support communities to do more to provide services for themselves and become more empowered and self reliant eg:
    • Provide communities with increased choice and influence on how assets are run.
    • Develop increased community capacity and resilience.
  • Continue to promote inclusion and address inequalities to ensure our communities are connected and lead healthy, safe and fulfilled lives.

    Advice Hubs and Spokes

    Following research and analysis to understand our current service delivery, the needs of our customers, and other best practice, we will rationalise and realign our face-to-face delivery from a one stop shop model to a new model of Advice Hub and Outreach Services. This will ensure the service is focussed on those customers with the greatest need. It will provide improved customer service as multiple services will be accessible via a single point of contact onsite, providing a one council approach to meeting the customer's individual needs.

    Closer to Communities

    The Closer to Communities Strategy is our commitment to developing strong, resilient communities, where everyone has good health and wellbeing which is central to tackling inequalities within the Falkirk Council area. The Community Learning and Development service will move to a model where they are commissioned by the Council and partners to deliver health and wellbeing projects within Falkirk.

    Closer to Home

    Closer to Home strategy aims to build resilience within our families to help maintain strong relationships at home. Where a child is unable to be looked after by their parents, then they will be placed in a family environment which is safe and meets their specific needs to deliver better outcomes for our young people at a cheaper cost. The project will include transitions into adulthood and care leavers will have the opportunity to gain the skills (eg managing their own tenancies) to effectively transition into adulthood.

    Review of external funding

    Review of external funding activities with a focus on unlocking the skills and potential of our communities to help themselves and others, and inspire a greater sense of community spirit through partnership working and social innovation.

    Locality Planning

    Locality Planning is a statutory requirement within the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015. The purpose of the Locality Planning process is to address issues of inequality and disadvantage. We aim to produce Community Action Plans that identify key areas of focus for Community Planning Partners over the next 5 years in addressing the issues of social inequality and bridging gaps between our communities.