During lockdown many countries saw a significant drop in carbon emissions as people were forced to change their behaviours. Imagine what could be achieved if people sustained this behaviour and changed the way they lived to help protect the planet?

COVID-19 has given us all a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to do just that, and this project aims to help our organisation do all it can to tackle climate change.

We'll do this by putting climate change and carbon reduction measures at the heart of our transformation programme. We have set challenging targets to reduce our carbon emissions to net zero by 2030. We aim to increase our climate resilience and work with services to get a better understanding their role, developing measures to help meet our decarbonisation and sustainability agenda.

Working in partnership with internal and external stakeholders, including local businesses, we will look to decarbonise and help our communities to adapt to the changing climate whilst developing a carbon offsetting strategy that will help reduce the impact of carbon emissions from our buildings, operations and wider community activities.

As part of our core business, we will:

  • support the growth of the low carbon economy to deliver new employment and create a greener more resilient environment.
  • encourage the use of active travel, electric vehicles and green transport as well as sources of renewable power for new developments.
  • capitalise on the environmental benefits that arose during lockdown to ensure we decarbonise our assets and help to meet our carbon reduction targets.
  • integrate climate change into all areas of Council governance and decision making.
  • implement a carbon offsetting strategy and initiatives to tackle any residual emissions.