What this project aims to do is tackle employability issues head on using the skills of our Employment & Training Unit (ETU). Through the ETU we'll put in place a wide range of support that will give people the skills, confidence and qualifications to help them secure work.

We’ll also support local communities as they look to rebuild, helping to address important aspects of our economic recovery (unemployment, skills recovery and supporting business and enterprise), child poverty, and inequalities.

We’ll also look to provide a more joined up approach by cementing ties with other partners and council services to improve the customer experience of jobseekers accessing a range of services to access employment.

As part of our core business, we will:

  • support sustainable economic recovery that benefits everyone.
  • use our procurement power to help rebuild the local economy and support sustainable local supply chains.
  • create strong partnerships that will help drive growth and regeneration.
  • seek external sources of investment to support a diverse economy.
  • reimagine our town centres, making them vibrant places to meet, eat, shop, and do business.
  • help people retrain so they can move quickly from one job to another or from a declining sector to an emerging one.
  • ensure our most vulnerable can gain skills needed to secure work in an uncertain job market.
  • work with young people to develop training that helps them gain the skills needed for jobs of the future
  • develop our Visit Falkirk tourism sector to attract more visitors to the area.

As part of our recovery, we will:

  • use our procurement capacity to realise community benefits that can benefit local communities and businesses and boost the local economy.
  • progress opportunities to promote sustainable travel in Falkirk to enable access to work and Town Centres.
  • deliver town centre action plans to aid recovery of retail sector and attract new town centre activities.
  • enhance key worker support to ensure a person-centred, needs-based service can be provided to the local community to overcome barriers, increase skills and progress into the labour market.