The projects in this workstream will:

  • Embed a commercially focussed approach to how we run our business to maximise our income generation.
  • Ensure that the services we commission maximise value for money from our shared resources.
  • Develop broader partnerships and commissioning collectives to leverage cost savings and achieve better value for money.
  • Explore opportunities for offering services to partners on a commercial basis.
  • Take a risk aware approach.

    Procuring for the Future

    The best procurement practices are adopted across the Council and its communities to ensure savings are realised.

    Food for Falkirk

    Catering & Cleaning Services will adopt a commercial model to provide healthy and nutritious meals to pupils, staff and the general public. This will involve a review of current provision and identification of opportunities to generate income through an equitable service.

    Commercialisation for Design, Roads & Transport

    Looking for new opportunities for income generation within the division as well as maximising existing arrangements in place.

    Commercialisation of Environmental Services

    Introduction of a free non-chargeable permit for those customers whose only means of transport is a works van. This would be done through an online application. It is proposed to offer 10 permits in a financial year. The other permits for commercial waste would remain in place and would assist in ensuring the we are obtaining the correct payments from our customers.

    Commercialisation of Corporate Finance

    Increasing income from commercial activity such as Internal Audit Services.

    Fees and Charges

    Review of fees and charges for chargeable services.