How many attended the Hackathon and from which team(s)?

There were nine in attendance from Licensing, Finance, Contact Centre and PMO.

Why was a Hackathon needed?

To improve and streamline the process for issuing invoices and collecting payments for recurring annual license fees for premises license holders.

What were the key points discussed?

  • The process by which the invoices for annual licence fees are generated.
  • What are the problems with the current process
  • How the current process could be improved to reduce manual intervention, double keying and double handling

What actions came from the Hackathon?

A new process was proposed that would involve the Licensing Team issuing the invoices and processing the payments rather than going through the sundry debtors process. This is anticipated to potentially save time currently spent reconciling the information between the licensing and sundry debtor systems. The new process is to be trialled in July 2019.