The hackathon was attended by 17 people from various Services that currently use the Achievement and Personal Development Scheme (APDS). Colleagues in Social Work and Education have their own scheme to link with professional standards therefore they were not represented in the same way.

Why was a Hackathon needed?

The APDS currently does not consider the new values of the Council (RITA) therefore employees don't receive feedback based on their modelling of the values

What were the key points discussed?

  • thoughts on the current scheme
  • how the scheme could be improved and perhaps renamed
  • how we link the values into the scheme

What actions came from the Hackathon?

  • rename the scheme
  • suggestions on how to incorporate the values
  • suggested changes to the paperwork

These thoughts will be incorporated in a paper that goes to the Workforce for the Future group for decisions. The Hackathon participants will be asked to comment before the paper is finalised.