How many attended the Hackathon and from which team(s)?

Six people from Children's Services Management, Planning Development Services, Children's Social Work, HR Systems, Organisational Development, Finance and Revenues and Benefits.

Why was a Hackathon needed?

To support employee engagement following Andy Cope's sessions on the 'Art of Being Brilliant' and to ensure employees were involved and engaged in creating the change needed to become a Council of the Future (CotF).

What were the key points discussed?

  • Opportunities for future learning
  • Andy Cope sessions
  • Standards and expectations for manager communication
  • Timescales to implement learning
  • Upskill employees digitally and determine digital standards for employees
  • Promotion of CotF
  • Staff suggestion scheme

What actions came from the Hackathon?

  • Two additional Andy Cope sessions were organised in May that year
  • OD workshops run every second month to allow managers time to reflect and put into place learning
  • Leadership & Vision workshops include a section on improving two-way communication
  • Funding secured and digital training pilot provided to Building & Maintenance Division and Homecare
  • Digital Skills Survey, to determine digital literacy of workforce, to launch 05 April 2019
  • OD continues to promote CotF at workshops and on training courses
  • A pilot staff suggestion scheme ran for 6 weeks within Grounds & Roads Maintenance at the start of 2019. A wider roll out of a staff suggestion scheme is now being discussed.