How many attended the Hackathon and from which team(s)?

The session was attended by HR, Payroll and Member Services. Finance did not attend, but did provide information for the event.

Why was a Hackathon needed?

The process for Long Service Awards had not been reviewed for some time. The current process is a significant administrative burden to both HR and Member Services. Members of staff also faced barriers when spending the award once received.

What were the key points discussed?

  • No longer using purchase orders as purchase orders were over complicated and were only accepted in a small number of local stores
  • Considering other options available ie gift card
  • Tax implications of other options
  • Streamlining current process

What actions came from the Hackathon?

We have amended the current process to remove unnecessary and out of date processes. This will remove the administrative burden currently associated with the process.

We have also changed the type of reward that the employee will receive, moving from offering a Purchase Order to a Love2shop Voucher. This means the recipient will now receive their voucher at the Long Service Award event and will be able to spend it immediately at over 90 locations, both online and in store. We have ensured that this payment method will comply with tax regulations.

Letters will be issued to all recipients of 2019 awards providing more information on the voucher they will receive.