How many attended the Hackathon and from which team(s)?

Ten employees from across Corporate & Housing Services including: Neighbourhood officer, Admin officer, Senior Neighbourhood officer, Empty Homes Officer, Conflict Resolution, and Performance and Compliance.

Why was a Hackathon needed?

ISO 9001 Quality Management System is an accreditation that highlights an organisation has streamlined processes, reduced errors, improved internal communications and freed up management time.

Some areas of the Housing Service have already achieved ISO 9001. This hackathon was to identify improvements that need to be made to allow other areas of the Service to apply for the accreditation.

What were the key points discussed?

As part of the accreditation process the Council has to demonstrate it has robust processes and checks in place to identify and mitigate risk, which is defined as an uncertainty that could have a positive or negative impact on the finances or reputation of the Council and/or its tenants/residents.

Twenty-six areas were identified by the group and categorised as high, medium and low risk, with areas of high risk to be addressed first.

It was agreed that existing procedures relating to the areas of risk would be reviewed and updated and new procedures written, where required. These procedures would then be applied consistently across all areas of the Housing Service.

What actions came from the Hackathon?

To verify that the areas identified at the hackathon were the correct areas to focus on, all 26 have now been cross checked against: complaints, customer feedback, tenant surveys and KPI's to help establish a priority plan for bring all of the Housing Service in to scope for ISO 9001.

By categorising the areas it has allowed the group to produce a project plan for certification with Rent Arrears, Complaints and Allocations initially top priorities.

The project to address all areas of risk is expected to be complete by November 2020 and an application for ISO 9001 certification, for the remaining areas of the Housing Service, would then be submitted.