How many attended the Hackathon and from which team(s)?

Thirteen people from: Housing Operations, Housing Needs, Finance, Community Advice, BMD, Community Engagement, Housing Performance and the Project Management Office.

Why was a Hackathon needed?

To look at the reasons why tenancies are not sustained, particularly the negative reasons, and how we could work together to prevent tenancies ending unnecessarily and help prevent homelessness.

What were the key points discussed?

The identification of points within the tenancy journey where we could influence and support a person to sustain their tenancy, such as:

  • The pre-tenancy/offer stage
  • Keeping a tenancy and issues such as rent arrears and anti-social behaviour
  • How tenancies end, for example, evictions and abandonments

What actions came from the Hackathon?

An action plan was developed across a number of areas discussed on the day. Many of these are being actioned through the Housing Services re-structure, the Rapid Rehousing Transition Plan, and the Homelessness Prevention Plan.