We have a large number of buildings that are expensive to run, underutilised, do not meet our customer needs and are inefficient in using energy.

Working with communities, we will aim to rationalise and invest in a smaller number of higher quality, multi-use buildings that met need in a much better way – and that's exactly what this project aims to do.

We want to create learning and community hubs, reshaping our school estate, modernise our sport, leisure and cultural assets, and create a new headquarters and arts centre facility as a catalyst to revitalise Falkirk town centre.

We have a draft property plan and will speak with our communities to understand their needs and aspirations for our properties. This will help inform the decisions we make about the future of some of our buildings and our plans to invest for the future.

As part of our core business we:

  • will refresh our portfolio of buildings in light of new working practices and connect with local communities and partners on how we use them.
  • will reduce our stock of poor quality buildings that aren't well utilised and use too much energy.
  • want to create a reduced number of better-quality properties that are modern, multi-use and help to reduce our carbon emissions.
  • want our schools to be the hub of services to meet community needs.

As part of our recovery:

  • employees will continue to work from home, with a blend of office-based working introduced as lockdown eases to allow flexibility.
  • we will continue to modernise our facilities and adapt these to meet the needs of our services following COVID-19.