The projects in this workstream will:

  • Aim to make our employees feel proud to work for Falkirk Council. Our employees will be trained and supported to be flexible, adaptable and ready to respond to our customers' needs using the right tools and technology.
  • Result in us having fewer, but well maintained buildings. Spaces in our buildings will be shared and flexible for wider leisure and community use.
  • Revitalise the area's town centres and work to attract investment, enable development and enhance footfall.
  • Make our services more joined-up, efficient and effective for our customers. We will work in a way that avoids unnecessary cost and activity to provide the right service at the right cost.
  • Create a more sustainable approach to travel.

Our change programme has enabling projects which give us a set of systems, processes, behaviours and activities identified as important enablers of our change and transformation.

Some of these enablers were established in Wave 1 of Council of the Future and will continue.

    Strategic Property Review

    The SPR will rationalise and re-invest in our assets enabling services to be delivered from a smaller number of buildings, better suited to service and customer needs. A programme of efficiencies, disposals and re-investment will enable the property portfolio to be better utilised, more sustainable and compliant with good asset management principles. It will enable a consistent, more integrated approach across all Falkirk Council Falkirk Community Trust (and where possible partner) assets. The project will work with communities to identify community asset needs and explore options for transfer of properties as required by the community. The SPR will establish a new Property Strategy for the Council and will progress a number of enabling workstreams.

    Fit for the Future

    This project focuses on changing our culture and ensuring staff have the skills, technology and space to work in modern, flexible, smart and efficient ways. It will provide modern office space, policies, communication tools and equipment that motivates and empowers our staff to perform to their full potential.

    Information Working for You

    This project seeks to ensure that information works for us to make us responsive, innovative, trusted and ambitious organisation. We need to realise that information is valuable (to us and the citizen) and that there is real benefit in taking proper care of it – whether that is keeping it up to date, amalgamating it, getting rid of it when we no longer need it, opening it up or sharing it with our partners when appropriate.

    Smart Working Smart Travel

    The introduction of pool cars to enable staff to use these vehicles for attending meetings or carrying out Council business instead of paying mileage allowance.

    Review of Terms and Conditions

    Review of terms and conditions to support a Council of the Future and the culture we’re trying to achieve.

    Council HQ and Arts Centre

    A transformative project to create a modern and sustainable building or set of buildings best suited to our future office, civic and cultural requirements. Working closely with partners and the wider community, it is envisaged that this project will contribute significantly to the revitalisation of the Falkirk town centre.

    Green Travel Plan

    Develop a corporate green travel plan that will complement other Transformational Enablers such as Smart Working Smart Travel and Strategic Property Review.

    Business Correspondence Review

    Review of correspondence dealt with in Falkirk Council relating to customer enquiries, complaints and FOIs. This project will streamline processes where possible, improving customer access to information and the customer experience while creating efficiencies for staff to focus on other areas of service delivery.

    Review of Decision Making

    Review of decision making processes within Falkirk Council.

    Corporate approach to Fleet Hire

    Review of short term vehicle/plant hires.

    Revitalising Town Centres

    Progress action plans to revitalise the area’s town centres and work to attract investment, enable development and enhance footfall. This ambitious and radical programme will introduce new activities to town centres and work to boost their economic performance.