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Sometimes attending a full course is not always the answer to your IT difficulties, sometimes you just need to get expert help on one particular function of a Microsoft package.

The following interactive one hour workshops may be the answer! Below is an example of the types of short workshops that can be delivered by our IT Provider:

  • Pivot Tables
    An introduction to what Pivot Tables are and how to set up a very simple pivot table to summarise large amounts of data and display this information in a pivot chart.

  • Mail Merge
    Automate your processes by using Mail Merge to send bulk letters, emails or generate labels and documentation.

  • Working with Pictures and Graphics
    Yhe basics of working with clipart, photos, charts and diagrams in Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

  • Multi Level Numbering Paragraphs
    Creating and using multi level numbering in Word to automate the process in large documents. Don't end up renumbering paragraphs, get Word to do it automatically for you.

  • Create Electronic Forms
    Send out questionnaires or forms that include structure, drop down choice lists, check boxes and controls. Help the environment and send out your forms electronically and ask for them to be returned in the same way quickly and easily.

One of the above 'bite size' workshops will take place at the end of each of the scheduled Microsoft Office courses between 4:00pm and 5:00pm. Workshops will be slotted in depending on interest, numbers, etc.

Please email, if you are interested in attending any of the above workshops or, if you have a suggestion of your own, anything from basic up to expert level – and at no cost to you!