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This one and a half-day course can benefit both individuals and teams.

By understanding what you and others value, and what you think is important, you can learn to improve communications and relationships with those around you.

The course will also help you to identify other people's strengths, and how these strengths can help work performance. You will learn how to distinguish between warranted and unwarranted conflict and how to aid conflict resolution.

By the end of the programme you will be able to:

  • Describe the 7 Motivational Value Systems, their associated behavioural strengths and potential overdone strengths.
  • Identify what causes conflict for each value system and identify ways to avoid or minimise conflict.
  • Identify ways of maximising win/win interactions with colleagues.

Please note: In addition to the regular bulletin course, Creating Effective Relationships can also be delivered specifically for teams to undertake. This benefits teams as they get to know what motivates each team member. Contact Doug Maden (ext 1289) if you wish to book a team session on Creating Effective Relationships. This course can be delivered as a one or one and a half day programme, dependent on the needs and availability of all team members.

Course Date(s)


Venue  Training Suite
4th Floor
Municipal Buildings
Cost £30 per delegate