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Seasons for Growth is a loss & grief education programme helping people to process, understand and manage the painful realities of loss and change.

While change, loss, and grief are normal parts of life, they can often leave people struggling to accept what has happened, and unable to move on.

Seasons for Growth aims to help them work through this process, enabling them to come out of the other side stronger than before and ready to take charge of the changes in their life.

Children's Course

The course is run over 8 weeks (1 hourly session per week) with a Celebration Session followed by 2 reconnector sessions. Suitable for kid's aged from 6 years – 18 years old and affected by any type of loss or significant life changes, from bereavement to divorce, separation, family breakdowns and more.

Adult's Course

Run over 4 weeks (2 hourly sessions per week) followed by a reconnector.

For those affected by unemployment, to dealing with health deterioration or disabilities, divorce, separation, bereavement, family breakdown or even the effects of natural catastrophes, the course is suitable for a wide number of people.

*Coming Soon* Parent's Course

This course aims to help parents develop the skills and knowledge to support children and young people through family change and loss.

Providing an opportunity for parents to better understand the experience of death, separation and divorce from a child’s perspective, the programme explores ideas and strategies to help their children transition through family change.

The course provides emotional space and a non-judgemental environment for parents to wonder, share, discuss land learn how to care for and nurture their children after the particular loss.

There are 2 components to the parent’s course:

  • Supporting your child following separation and divorce; and
  • Supporting your child following the death of someone they love

Run over 1 x 4 hour session or 2 x 2 hour sessions within a small group.

Costs: POA

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Any queries should be referred to Lisa Alexander: Tel. No: 01324 671600.