The 2022 annual leave entitlements have been added to the MyView system.

Please note that the Leave Management widget on your MyView Dashboard will not show your entitlement information for 2022. The widget will show the 2021 information until 01 January 2022.

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Viewing your 2022 entitlement information

To view your 2022 entitlement information please follow the steps below:

  • Log into MyView Dashboard

  • Select My Holidays/Absence

  • Select Request Leave

  • You will be taken to the Events Calendar Screen

  • Scroll to the bottom of the screen and select the View Entitlement Details button

  • Select absence type – use the drop down to select Annual

  • A breakdown of your 2021 and your 2022 details will appear

Carry over rules for 2022

All employees are encouraged to use their annual leave entitlement for 2021 by 31 December 2021. Service Managers may wish to remind employees of the need to do so.

Last year, specific leave carry over arrangements were in place in recognition of the fact that keyworkers may have had leave requests refused or employees may have delayed the taking of the majority of leave due to lockdown arrangements.

As lockdown arrangements were lifted, carry over arrangements this year will be as follows:


Where essential/keyworkers have had leave requests refused (unable to be accommodated) to maintain essential service delivery, Services can allow a carry forward of leave of up to 148 hours (20 days), pro-rata for part time employees, into the 2022 leave year.

If you have employees in this situation, a request to amend their carry forward should be sent to Please ensure you provide employee number, post and the amount of carry forward required.

All other employees

It is anticipated that employees will use their leave as normal and usual carry over arrangements will apply of 37 hours (5 days) or pro-rata for part time employees. Managers may approve the carry over of up to 74 hours (10 days) or the pro-rata value into the 2022 leave year in exceptional circumstances only.

If approving 74 hours carry forward, you should ensure that leave is taken early in the new year to avoid the build up of untaken leave and ensure employee wellbeing. The MyView system will automatically allow a carry over of 74 hours (pro-rata) so no manual amendments are necessary for employees in this situation.

Purchased annual leave

The purchasing additional annual leave scheme for 2022 closes on 15 November 2021.

Any leave purchased will be added to your entitlement and shown in the MyView system early in the new year.

Temporary contracts (including seconded posts)

If you have a temporary contract the MyView system will only calculate the entitlement up to your current contract end date, if this date is within 2021 then no 2022 leave year will be created at this time.

Any employees in this position will only be able to request annual leave on MyView up to their contract end date. If the contract end date is extended the system will automatically recalculate the annual leave entitlement accordingly.

Public Holidays

Part-time employees

A pro-rated allowance of public holidays is automatically included for part-time employees in their overall leave entitlement.

Part-time employees should request a days leave for each public holiday that falls on a scheduled working day based on their working pattern – for instance, September public holiday or Christmas Day.

Full-time employees

Public holidays are not included in a full time employee's MyView annual leave entitlement as standard.

Employees who work shifts or compressed patterns and are required to work on public holidays, need to have this added to their entitlement balance. If you or your employees work full time and may be expected to work public holidays or work compressed hours, please check the entitlement to ensure that this allowance has been added.

If you notice the additional public holiday hours have not been added for you or any of your employees in this position, please email and this will be checked.

Additional fixed holiday (03 June 2022)

Given the exceptional nature of the additional day which only applies to the 2022 leave year, an additional paid leave category has been created on MyView (Jubilee Holiday). The additional day has not been added to leave balances for the year - you should record absence for this additional day using this category.

If you are required to work on 03 June 2022, you are entitled to take a day off on an alternative date subject to agreement with your manager. The alternative day should be recorded on MyView using the Jubilee Holiday category. This can be found in the paid leave type and appears in the drop-down list of reasons.

Please note that the additional day has not been designated as a public holiday, therefore no enhancements are payable if you are required to work on this day.


There may be instances where the carry over value will need to be amended, for example for employees returning from long term sickness or for maternity cases or where it is above the 37 hour automatic limit. In these cases, you should liaise with the HR Helpdesk to check entitlements in the first instance.

Where to find help

If you have any queries regarding annual leave and MyView please do not hesitate to contact the HR and Payroll helpdesk. Additional guidance and FAQ documents can be found on the MyView page.