The Scottish budget agreed last week will see Falkirk Council receive a more favourable settlement grant than suggested in December's provisional budget proposals, however there will still be an overall reduction in the Council's funding package.

While the deal struck last week also provides greater flexibility to councils, the settlement is still less than originally expected and council officers are currently working out the implications of the deal.

Made ahead of a vote on the Scottish budget on January 31st, the deal, which allowed the Budget Bill to pass, means Falkirk Council’s reduction in grant settlement has eased by £2.6m from what was proposed at the end of last year.

Bryan Smail, Chief Finance Officer, said: “Although the deal struck does not resolve our funding issues, it does put us in a better position than if the provisional budget had remained. Next year we will be spending c£340m, however, there are significant savings that still need to be made.

“Our officers are working hard to understand how the new deal impacts on our savings options and deficit for next year. Their outcomes will be fed into the budget proposals which will be considered by elected members at the end of February.”