Latest update

Our business plan highlights the important role you – as a Council employee - have in helping change happen. We need your commitment, buy-in, knowledge and skills to ensure the business plan succeeds.

To help bring everyone on board there will be changes to:

  • Culture: We need everyone, from senior management to frontline staff, to embrace the spirit of change by looking for opportunities to make us more responsive, innovative, trusted and ambitious (RITA). We also need to reward and motivate each other as we work towards common goals. In simple terms, managers need to encourage innovation; employees need to challenge the status quo.
  • Technology: How the Council operates will fundamentally change. More services will be taken online and technology will simplify internal processes and speed up how we do our day-to-day business. For areas where working more flexibly is possible, hardware will be made available to help make this change happen.
  • Workforce: Training will be identified and offered to help develop the skills and knowledge needed by a smaller workforce so it can continue to deliver high quality services.
  • Wellbeing: A new Wellbeing Strategy is being drafted. Its aim will be to build resilience within the workforce and help safeguard the mental and physical wellbeing of all employees during the change process. 

Concerns over job security are understandable as the Council moves to become a smaller organisation.

Current estimates suggest there will be 385 fewer employees working for the Council by 2024, which we anticipate will be achieved through non-filling of vacant posts, redeployment, voluntary severance and retirement. This potential reduction will be balanced by the creation of 250 new posts in Early Years.

At recent team briefings, your manager will have explained how changes may impact your team and any questions you may have had will have been answered at that time. However, if you have more questions your line manager’s door should always be open to you.

You will also be able to discuss with your manager any changes you may want to make to your working patterns over the next five years, such as applying for either flexible retirement or voluntary severance.

More information on options can be obtained from the HR helpdesk via