As a council, we have to fundamentally change how we do business to improve processes, technology and productivity. We also have to improve how we work with partner organisations and communities.

Our five-year business plan lays down how we will do this through the launch of Wave 2 of the Council of the Future (CotF) change programme.

A range of ambitious and innovative projects will be launched to complement projects already established and driving transformation.

All projects will be grouped into workstreams with clear objectives:

  • Enabled Communities: Working together with communities and partners, we will develop capability and capacity to have enabled, empowered and connected communities where people are supported to do more for themselves.
  • Services of the Future: Will help us change the way our services are designed and delivered and will explore how public sector partners work together to makes sure we focus on shared priorities, outcomes and cost efficiencies.
  • Digital: Aims to optimise our use of technology to improve the services we deliver and to help us communicate and engage more effectively with citizens while also enhancing the working lives of our employees, automating business processes and reducing costs.
  • Transformational Enablers: Will provide the systems, processes, behaviours and activities that allow change and transformation to happen including how we use our assets and drive forward the Strategic Property Review.
  • Entrepreneurial Services: To nurture a more commercial way of thinking, creating innovative projects to generate income, maximise value and leverage cost savings.

At the Leadership Forum on Monday, April 29th, more detail was given on how each Service aims to deliver change by 2024: