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A message from Kenneth Lawrie, Chief Executive:

The Falkirk Council area is a place of opportunity. We have many thriving communities and a strong economy but, like all local authorities, we are experiencing a period of unprecedented change and uncertainty.

That is why we need to reshape and remodel the Council so we can better meet the needs of our communities and help those whose lives are impacted by poverty or disadvantage overcome the challenges they face.

It takes a lot of energy and positive people to make transformation happen. In the short time I have been Chief Executive I have witnessed great examples of change. That has to continue and pick up pace - our business plan provides us with a way to make that happen.

It recognises that we will be spending £2.5bn over the next five years. With that comes a huge amount of opportunity to deliver significant benefits to our communities and we will reshape our spend to ensure this resource is used in the best possible way.

It also recognises that we need savings of c.£76m from our General Fund, and it lays down how Council of the Future projects will help us transform how we operate and realise savings while empowering and improving the lives of our citizens.

We are at the beginning of a significant transformation journey and everyone has a role to play. We all have to be ambassadors of change and embody our values of being responsive, innovative, trusted and ambitious (RITA).

That is why we have to create the conditions in which our workforce and communities can excel, grow and flourish.

We have to empower you, as a council employee, to bring ideas forward as your views are valued and essential to the changes we need to effect. Your commitment to, and involvement in, helping us achieve our objectives laid down in the business plan is essential.

We also need to work closely with our communities, enhancing their capacity and resilience – and providing support to them - so they can do more for themselves.

It will be a challenging and difficult journey at times, but I have high expectations of you all and of myself. By working together, being innovative and creative we can transform into a modern and efficient council founded on the needs of our communities.