Latest update

CANs looking to find out more about the Council’s five-year business plan – and the role they could play in helping change happen - are being invited to an event on Friday, June 21st.

Taking place in the Committee Chambers, Municipal Buildings, from 2.15pm to 3.30pm, the session will provide information on:

  • our business plan and transformation programme
  • new Council of the Future (CotF) governance
  • The importance of culture change and opportunities to help embed it

The event has been organised on the back of a survey undertaken earlier this year to identify the skills, experience and qualifications held by members of our Change Agent Network - CANs.

The results, along with the outcomes from two Hackathons held last December, are currently being used to identify opportunities where CANs could provide valuable insight and support to Council of the Future (CotF) projects.

The survey also highlighted the training needs of the 41 CANs who responded, with over 70% looking to improve their skills in Project Management, facilitation, presentation, and leadership.

Already respondents have been signposted to available training, with further training opportunities being discussed with Organisational Development.

Rebecca McDonald, Change Programme Manager, said: “We’d like to thank CANs for taking the time to fill in the survey, which has provided information that will make it easier to get them immersed in our transformation programme. The results have also shown that CANs want to do more on the ground and we’ll be looking to harness that enthusiasm to spread the word about everything from mobile and flexible working to this year’s employee engagement survey.”

Set up two years ago, CANs are a group of employees who have a positive attitude to change and want to help drive forward the CotF programme. Currently there are 100 CANs in the network spread across the Council’s three services and the Health & Social Care Partnership.

Interested in becoming a CAN? Read the CANs' Charter and email to find out more.