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Want to find out more about the Council’s transformation and get involved on the ground to help change happen? Then join the Change Agent Network and become a CAN.

Set up two years ago, CANs are a group of employees who have a positive attitude to change and want to help drive forward the Council of the Future programme.

Currently there are 100 CANs in the network spread across our three services and the Health & Social Care Partnership – and more would be welcome, as we need your enthusiasm, knowledge and buy-in to help deliver change.  

Not sure what the role of a CAN is? Then the CANs' Charter (below) should help you understand what you’d be signing up to.

The charter highlights the pledge you’d be making and the important role you’d have as a CAN in promoting and supporting new ways of doing things across the Council.

It also shines a light on the vital role managers play in helping CANs realise the pledges set down in the charter while also doing their day job.

CANs' Charter

As a CAN, I will positively promote the Council of the Future Values: Responsive Innovative Trusted Ambitious.

I will make it happen by:

  • Being an enabler for change
  • Challenging the status quo and embracing new ideas
  • Being a positive promoter for Falkirk Council and the change programme
  • Creating a culture of trust with our colleagues and customers
  • Empowering our colleagues to get their voice heard by encouraging participation in the Change Agent Network
  • Contributing to Change Agent events as much as possible
  • Sharing experiences and stories of success
  • Being a positive influence and champion for cultural change
  • Encouraging collaboration and partnership working across the whole council and community
  • Promoting wider communication of CAN activities in my service and throughout the council
  • Going the extra mile

To Make It Happen Managers will:

  • Support CANs to attend events
  • Support CANs to take part in CAN activities and promote outcomes
  • Empower CANS to progress actions to implement change
  • Invite CANs to regular teams meeting, etc.

If you’d like to find out more about becoming a CAN – or would like to come along to the CAN event on Friday, June 21st  - email