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Whether it's through the rationalisation of our buildings or the way that we work, projects in the Transformational Enablers workstream will help revolutionise how the Council delivers services – and without them other projects could fail.

The important role of the 11 projects currently sitting in the Transformational Enablers workstream was made clear right from the start of its first board meeting on Thursday, June 6th.

Set up following the launch of the Council’s five-year business plan, the board is one of five newly established boards formed to ensure services work more closely together to speed up transformation.

Karen Algie, Senior Responsible Owner (SRO) of the Transformational Enablers Workstream Board, and Head of Business Transformation & Human Resources, also stressed success would only be achieved if Project Managers supported and challenged each other to be ambitious.

She said: "This workstream has a significant role to play in enabling other projects to bear fruit, as many of our projects will lay the foundations that others need to build upon to bring about change. To realise the full potential of our projects however, we need to work together and be open, honest and supportive. We also need to constructively challenge each other, especially to make sure we’re working together and ambitious for the Council and our communities. Only by embracing this opportunity to cross-cut across Services can we identify what needs to happen within our own workstream to enable others to move forward."

At the meeting, was chaired by Julie McKenna, headteacher at Victoria Primary School, there was a reminder that although the Council had to save c£76m by 2024, it was still spending and investing £2.5b over the next five years to help improve people’s lives.

Julie said: “As a council, we have a sizeable amount of money to save but we are also investing and spending significantly more. A number of our projects will help deliver some of those savings directly, others indirectly through improved processes and efficiencies, and there will be some that won’t save any money but are equally as important, as they will bring wider benefits to the Council and our communities.

“This is a journey we are all taking. We cannot be fragmented or continue to work in silos. We have to change our culture and work as One Council and many of the projects in this workstream will help make that happen."

The next meeting for the Transformational Enablers Workstream Board will meet on June 25th.

Workstream Board Presentation (PDF, 716KB)