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Frank and open discussions about job security, the business plan and the opportunities change can bring were had at the Change Agent Network event on Friday, June 21st.

After providing a brief overview of what lay ahead for the Falkirk Council area, including a potential Growth Deal and a summary of the five-year business plan, Chief Executive, Kenneth Lawrie, made clear the important role employees had in making change happen.

He said: “What does all this mean for you as employees, as CANs? You volunteered to be part of this process and we need to create opportunities so that you can input and be part of the projects that will help transform the Council, as we need your intelligence and energy to help things shift.

“Some of you will enjoy the challenges that change brings; others will struggle with change and that is alright. We are an organisation with a wide range of people who will all make different contributions. The key to success is working together across boundaries and teams.

“I have high expectations of myself and of senior management. I also have high expectations of you. We are already doing great things here. We have strong foundations to build on, but we need to do more and at a quicker pace.”

Worries over job losses were raised by the CANs. There was no shying away from the fact the Council would be a smaller organisation, but Kenneth made clear that the estimated FTE reduction in the business plan was over a five-year period and was “less than the number of employees we lose naturally each year.”

Questions over whether the Council could realistically compete with the private sector followed, and he stressed that frontline staff had immense talent and knowledge which could help the Council become more commercial and competitive.

“How do you put your ideas forward and ensure there is no crossover? Get in touch with the Programme Management Office. They can help you develop a business case that clearly articulates the benefits of your suggestion, and if there is a good case it will be considered.”

Another concern was getting the time to be a CAN.

“One of the things most important to me is creating a culture that enables employees to make things happen. If things seem to be going against that culture please let me know.”

Discussions then focused on opportunities to get involved in the Council of the Future programme including:

  • Helping to embed Anytime Anywhere
  • Becoming an ambassador for the Employee Engagement Survey
  • Taking on the role of a critical friend on the workstream boards

Any CANs - or employees thinking about becoming a CAN – who want to find out more about the opportunities, please email the Programme Management Office via

CAN Presentation (PDF, 716KB)