The second meeting of the Transformational Workstream Board was held on June 25th. To keep you abreast of  what was said at the meeting, you’ll find the key points listed below.

Project successes/challenges to date

  • Relationships First: 30 people applied. Now need help to asset map.
  • Fit for the Future
    • Absence Review: Wellbeing strategy being prepared. Need support from procurement and IT.
    • Terms & Conditions: Trade Unions open to discussion. Need managers to release TU reps and staff to attend discussion sessions.
    • Organisational Development: Leadership & Vision programme being well received. Need senior management to let their managers attend.
    • Recruitment: Policy changes  now made and new job profiles produced. IT support is needed to develop system.
    • Anytime Anywhere: Have better understanding of barriers and  issues faced by teams. Looking for CANs to support.
    • Communications: There have been over 300k page views of the employee website since its launch in December with 60k page views coming from outside the network. Need managers and CANs to actively drive communications within their own teams.
  • Smart Working Smart Travel: culture is changing in terms of mileage claims and use of pool cars but long way to go. Need managers to ensure staff using pool cars when travel is required.
  • Corporate Approach to Fleet Hire: Team budgets have been reduced. Need managers to really think about the need when signing off requests to hire vehicles.
  • Council HQ & Arts Centre: Council brief to be compiled for approval. Focus now on completing transport survey. Comms will be needed to ensure key messages issued to staff and public.
  • Strategy Property Review (SPR): Second phase of Carronbank near complete and Stenhousemuir One Stop Shop prepped for sale. Need staff  to embrace new ways of working.
  • Revitalising Town Centres: Report went to committee on projects. Challenge now is to deliver these before March deadline.  Falkirk Town Centre: Action plan  in place now needs implemented.
  • Investing for Inclusive Growth: workshops currently underway and finalising the workstream for the town centre. Need to ensure community planning aspect is linked to Enabled Community workstream.
  • Information working for you: Asset register underdevelopment. Need services now to reassess the information original submitted.

PIDS, Business Cases & Monthly Reporting

  • There was a reminder that PIDS had to be submitted by July 1st and monthly reporting by the first Friday of  each month.
  • The documents will help the PMO identify interdependencies across all five workstream boards.
  • They will also allow the board to track risk and look at what support may be needed should a project hit a hurdle.
  • It was agreed that workstream success measures would arise from the PIDS.

Change Fund

  • £575k of the £1m Change Fund for 2019/2020 has now been committed.
  • There was a reminder that the fund was there to ensure the pace of change picks up.
  • When submitting a bid, PMs had to highlight the additional savings they would generate - either directly or by enabling other projects - if they received money from the Change Fund.


  • It was agreed that communication was key to help change culture
  • Improving face-to-face communication between managers and teams critical.

The next meeting of the Transformational Enablers Workstream Board is due to be held on September 12th.