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Provost Buchanan welcomed some very special visitors to the Council Chambers this week.

Children from Wellside Nursery braved blustery conditions in the short walk down the hill, round the corner and into the Municipal Buildings on Tuesday 6 August. The Council fishies provided an of-fish-al greeting on arrival.

Wellside Nursery at Municipal Buildings fish pond

Provost Buchanan donned his robes and gave a personal Chambers tour to the wee ones – some of the youngest people to ever set foot in the Council Chambers.

Provost with Wellside Nursery child

The Wellside kids got the chance to show off their creativity in a 'draw the Provost' competition, with the artistic liberty on display drawing a chuckle from the old people in the room.

Wellside Nursery at Municipal Buildings fish pond

After announcing the scores from the drawing competition – in which everyone scored an impressive 8 out of 10 – the youngsters got to sit in the Provost's chair and use his special gavel, usually reserved for maintaining order in the Chambers.

Wellside Nursery at Municipal Buildings fish pond

As a way of saying thanks, the Wellside children presented Provost Buchanan with a new handmade ceremonial chain, made from recycled materials.

Snacks and balloons followed. Thanks to the children and staff of Wellside Nursery for brightening up our day!