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Climate change is rarely out of the news with stories appearing every week about how it is affecting the world and its environments.
As recently as May 2019, the Scottish and Welsh Governments declared a ‘climate emergency’, with the UK Government expected to follow this soon. As such, increasingly, Government is facing calls to action to tackle this issue.
Falkirk Council has a dedicated team to help mitigate climate change by looking at its effects on our communities and amongst other actions, identify ways in which we can adapt our behaviour, while taking advantage of any potential benefits.
The Energy and Climate Change team are already working on an Adaptation Strategy that will review what is impacting our communities and how we will adapt our services in the future.
Claire Marion, Energy and Climate Change Officer explained: “We are looking to build up a picture of what climate change is doing in local communities and what action we can take to prevent this.
“We will develop an Adaptation Strategy for Falkirk Council that will provide a blueprint on how we are going to achieve this and draw from a number of sources to work together in tackling this problem.
“We have a responsibility to lead on climate change locally and we hope that everyone can get involved in some way.
“If we want to reach the Scottish target we need to start that work now.
“In order to help inform the Council’s approach to addressing any impacts on our area, we welcome everybody to fill in the online severe weather survey to tell us how the weather has affected your daily routine, so that we can focus our services to better respond to our changing climate.”
You can complete the short survey on Citizen Space.
To find out more about climate change and how you can get involved, get in touch with the Energy and Climate Change Team.