Latest update

Services of the Future is the biggest workstream under the Council of the Future programme and has big projects to deliver right across the Council.

Six of the top ten Council of the Future projects are part of this workstream. We all need to think big to make these happen.  It is more important than ever that we make the most of the resources we have across the Council to deliver on the plans we have.

We will embody the values and competencies that we have committed to in the last two years by:

  • Operating as One Council to share resources and support all Council services
  • Enabling and empowering our communities and listening to their views on what makes a Service of the Future
  • Being more modern and digital
  • Using our data to provide the best service possible
  • And most of all we need to be RITA – responsive, innovative, trusted and ambitious

In five years all the services we deliver now, will be Services of the Future. Whether we are transforming roads and ground maintenance, reimagining secondary learning or providing housing of tomorrow then we need your help to make it happen.

If you have a project idea, no matter how big or small, which relates to a project in this workstream then get in touch with the Project Manager.

The key messages from the second Services of the Future workstream board which took place on 26th July are:  

  • It is vital that all project documentation, such as business cases, PIDS, project plans and project reporting is fully completed and of a quality that can be used across the Council of the Future Programme.
  • We will identify the key dependencies and resourcing requirements across projects.
  • Going forward the Services of the Future workstream board will have a flexible format and agenda.  It will not be necessary for everyone to attend every board. Once all projects are up and running, including all Children’s Services projects, the Board agenda will focus more on the six Services of the Future projects that form part of the Top 10 plus any others who are encountering barriers or have exception reporting.
  • Project managers are to attend board meeting to present key Council of the Future projects.