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Becoming more entrepreneurial could provide the Council with the sea change it needs to overcome its financial challenges.

On July 23rd, members of the Entrepreneurial Workstream Board heard how growing our income potential and adjusting our costs and spending would play a fundamental part in helping the Council successfully navigate the uncharted waters that lie ahead.   

Already the Board is on course to identify savings within the 14 projects that currently sit within the workstream, and work is underway to identify opportunities to generate income that will help the workstream contribute £3.4m towards the Council finances over the next five years.

Discussions also focused on:

  • How to foster and encourage an entrepreneurial mindset, as every pound generated helps save from elsewhere.
  • A quick win project concept for income generation based on employee ideas.
  • Developing a Change Fund bid for Transformation of Roads & Grounds and Food for Falkirk projects.
  • Hydrotherapy Project which aims to identify ways to commercialise the pool when not in use by the Council.
  • Establishing a central database of useful contacts.
  • Identifying potential measures of success for the Board.
  • Identifying a CAN to be part of the Workstream Board.

The next Entrepreneurial Workstream Board will take place on September 12th.