Latest update

Implementation of the Advice Hub & Spokes - Phase 2

  • Strategic discussion with Chief Executive and Directors held to inform way forward for Central Hub.
  • Work is underway to consider additional option for Central Hub, including producing detailed plans and costings.
  • New interim Hub at Callendar Square in place operating effectively, bringing benefits of Hub model to full council area.

Locality Planning

  • Eastern locality: a report of recommendations from Community Links and a service report based on interviews with local officers have now been circulated to Stakeholders. Stakeholders are being encouraged to distribute the Community Links Report through the community and the consultants have asked for comments by the end of July.
  • Western locality: a launch event was held on June 25th and 20 community members have signed up to help co-produce a community action plan. Ten community members have also signed up to co-produce a community food plan linked with Strategic Outcome Local Delivery Plan (SOLD).
  • Central locality: work is ongoing to collate a local issues paper drawing on a range of partner evidence.
  • A Community-led funding bid, has been submitted to the Scottish Government. The bid provides a dignified approach to food insecurity and holistic approach to advice provision and developing community capacity within the three localities.

Closer to Home

  • Foster Care recruitment: fostering and adoption enquiries remain steady at between four to six a day. From current screening and preparation, approximately 10 will be taken through to the assessment process. Website format has been agreed. A bank of fostering recruitment videos is now available.
  • Best Practice in Child Protection (CP) Systems: call handling standards are being finalised to ensure the right questions are being asked by the Contact Centre before calls are forwarded to Children & Families Social Work.
  • Procuring for the Future: the procurement officer assigned to the project will shortly leave the Council, creating a resource gap in relation to driving the commissioning needs of the service forward. Significant progress in respect of supported accommodation for care experienced young people has been made for one location – the formal contract award will be concluded week beginning July 15th and the upgraded properties (nine flats, common areas, offices and provider accommodation) will be handed over in the first week of August. Contract mobilisation phase has commenced and contract start date of September 24th agreed. Work to review, update and implement extensions to joint working agreements for all grant funded family support services is ongoing and is anticipated to be concluded end July.

Closer to Communities 

  • Project is in the planning stages. There is a need to develop a multi service/organisation approach that would focus on community development and community empowerment.