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We all want to live well but sometimes a little help and support is needed along the road to lead a healthy, independent life.

Jane Robertson, a social care worker is definitely doing her bit to help local residents live more independently.

Jane is part of a small team who share a rota at the new Living Well Falkirk Centre, which operates three days a week within the Forth Valley Sensory Centre.

Her role is top take people who have been referred to the service through an online assessment which helps identify simple solutions. This could be a piece of equipment or advice about getting active.

Over the last four months the team have helped 114 local people complete 166 assessments.

Jane said: “Any adult of 18 and over who has a physical condition or is less able to get around can be referred to the new Living Well Centre.

“Today a client came in for an assessment and within an hour a bath aid has been ordered and will be delivered shortly – we’re all about preventing incidents and making it easier for people to maintain their health and mobility.

“We see people who need equipment to help them at home – everything we do is about keeping independent.”

There is also a Living Well Falkirk online tool. The website was launched earlier this year by the Falkirk Health and Social Care Partnership.

Since then many local residents have taken the time to do the online assessment - taking control of their health and wellbeing.

The Living Well Centres are a further step towards helping local people live more independently. A further two centres are planned to open in 2020. The Health and Social Care Partnership’s wider ambition is for centres where Falkirk citizens can come in and have a conversation about their health and social care which point them in a positive direction for straightforward community based and/or self management strategies.

In addition to carrying out over 166 assessments, the Living Well Centre has:

  • Matched  67 people with equipment or minor adaptation solutions
  • Reduced waiting lists for assessments.

A short satisfaction survey is completed after each assessment with the majority of respondents stating they were highly satisfied with the service they received.

The Living Well initiative fits in well to the broader approach of working with communities and promoting independence. The Health and Social Care Partnership is working with the National Development Team for Inclusion (NDTI) to promote Community Led Support with the key aims of working with local communities to provide earlier advice and support. This provides a unique opportunity to work together and develop the role of Living Well Centres into the future.