Latest update

Analogue to Digital

  • Box Rollout
    • Roll out of boxes is on schedule, with 80% of digital boxes in place by end July.
    • A potentially major issue has been identified that may prevent the rollout of up to 400 “Enhanced Telecare” analogue boxes. These boxes are unable to run multiple applications, such as epilepsy monitors, in analogue mode. This means the new Digital ARC will need to be in place and boxes migrated before issue can be resolved. This could take up to 12 months.
  • Digital ARC
    • Due to slippage from CHUBB the implementation date has moved  from July to October.
    • A funding application for £50k has been approved by the Scottish Government. This will allow us to appoint a Project Manager to implement migration.

Delivering Modern & Digital

  • Digital Skills
    • Results have been shared with CMT and with the Divisions where employees have volunteered to become Digital Champions.
  • IRMS
    • The project is struggling to make headway. The supplier has not confirmed the outcome of the business review and this raises concerns as to whether negotiations will resume. Efforts are being made to seek clarification from the supplier.

Rock Solid Technology

  • Business Application Architecture Review
    • Recommend that some work is commissioned to develop an Application Registry (APPREG), a web-based service that will allow staff to record security-specific information about the application they have developed or installed in their areas. The APPREG will become the shared master list of system information across the Council and would be the basis for future decisions for initiating projects around system replacement and rationalisation.
  • SWIS Replacement
    • Work continues around process redesign for adults and children’s social work.  Testing phases for both will be undertaken as well as the first test for the new Criminal Justice Service system.
    • Testing of the the embedded finance module, ContrOCC, continues. ContrOCC, supports adults’ and children’s social care finance teams with the process of managing contracts and budgets, making payments and charging suppliers.
  • Falkirk Cloud – Education
    • Resources are to be set aside to allow completion of Citrix roll out.
  • Enterprise Telephony
    • Change over to the new system has been completed for 100 employees.f. Around 210 telephone lines and 200 mobile connections that were active but not used have been cancelled.
  • Infrastructure
    • 0ffice365 Technical Infrastructure has been created and is being configured.
    • A Public Services Network (PSN) Independent Health Check has been carried out by external consultants to assess our cyber security. We are now working on the remediation plan to be included with the 2019 submission in September.
    • Network Infrastructure Upgrades have been carried out to support the OCC telephony project
    • Network changes have been made to enable the Contact Centre email project.
  • Office365
    • Post discovery work on-going on the Document Management & Intranet and Publishing service offerings, which are closing in on POC.
    • Progress being made with the on-premise Active Directory work, alongside the Azure Active Directory build being completed.
    • Hybrid exchange design is also complete with relevant documentation submitted.
    • A group of 25 pilot ICT users have now been successfully migrated to Exchange Online.

Virtual Learning

  • Two online tutorial sessions were held in June, providing support and guidance on the topics in the assignment.
  • The first online assessment was created and delivered to Advanced Higher History pupils.
  • Two online tutorial sessions were then held in June, providing support and guidance on the topics laid down in the assignment. All pupils passed this assignment.
  • Pupil numbers have dropped since the initial sign up and may change in August with after SQA results are revealed.
  • Pupils have been accessing resources and contributing to the class from various places and times, both in school and out.
  • No pupil transport costs have been incurred so far in this project.
  • Phase 1 of this project will close in September. Phase 2 will look at future course offerings for session 2020/21.

Digital Transformation of Revenues & Benefits

  • Initial requirements for My Falkirk Application Programming Interface (API) implementation provided to the Web and Digital Team.

Digital Transformation of Business Support

  • CM2000
    • Test report received from developer, reviewed and returned for further action/development. Issues identified with the test report which require further development.  Developer unable to confirm timescales at this stage
  • Total Mobile
    • Discussion held with Building Maintenance Division Phase 3 project lead to advise what the implications for this project would be if it did not progress.

Digital Transformation of HR & Payroll

  • Currently liaising with Procurement regarding the identification of a preferred supplier from the Digital Marketplace procurement exercise.

Digital Solutions for Design, Roads & Transport

  • Significant progress has been made during this reporting period. 
  • Progress has been made on the redesign of the cloud Based Roads Management System to improve customer experience.
  • Duplication identified between another project looking at H&S Incident Reporting and links have been made between the two.
  • Funding agreed to implement automated gritting system to our gritters.

LED Street Lighting

  • Nearly 46% of lighting stock converted to LED.
  • 3000 lanterns procured via Scotland Excel street lighting materials framework contract.
  • Arrangements now in place to allow use of the Scotland Excel framework contract for the bulk renewal of complete lightening unit. This will be used if any slippage in progress by our in house street lighting electricians.


  • Discussions are ongoing with Housing Services and Revenues to move their call handling to the NGCC.

Housing of Tomorrow

  • IHMS Housing System Replacement
    • The PID and Project plan have been developed in conjunction with PT&I to ensure it aligns with CotF objectives, the principles of Corp Digital Strategy and Digital First Service Standards. A member of the Improvement Team has been assigned to the project.