Latest update

Procuring for the Future

  • Staffing saving target of £58,000 has been delivered.
  • Two graduates to commence work within the PCU from 26th August 2019.
  •  Contract savings to Integrated Joint Board of over £400,000 from our work with contracted suppliers of home care and residential services.
  • Online training guides have been prepared and are being tested in house before going live

Food for Falkirk

  • Work is continuing with the expansion of the catering provision for the 1140hr nursery expansion – this includes devising food journey routes, purchasing equipment and recruiting staff
  • A substantial amount of scoping work is required before the full Food for Falkirk project properly commences. Sources of investment are being sought to develop option appraisals for transformational initiatives.

Commercialisation of Corporate Finance

  • Engagement with Procurement re set up on PCS / Quick Quotes to allow bidding for work for audit services, and on preparation of tender documentation. Contact with Scottish Housing Regulator as umbrella body for potentially significant client group.

Fees and charges

  • Contacted and met Services (Children’s and FCT)
  • Work ongoing to develop HB/CTR stats to inform impact of developing concessions for existing charges (Housing Benefit Council Tax Rebates)
  • PID only deals with the cost of concessions to charging policy at this point, should this sit with EE Communities Workstream. It may be worth developing  an income generating  Fees  & Charges PID.