Latest update

Housing of Tomorrow

  • Increasing Resilience within our Communities 
    • Four out of five Modern Apprentice positions have now been filled and graduates are currently being recruited.
  • Accessible Housing
    • Secured additional funding for Sustainable Housing On Release for Everyone (SHORE) post with the prevention fund
    • Progress with CPN post – job description going to NHS FV grading board, recruitment to commence thereafter .
    • Progress with development post which will assist us in taking forward our Rapid Rehousing Transition Plan (RRTP)/ Housing First (HF) model with recruitment taking place this month.
  • Safe & Smart working
    • All work including the communications strategy and lone working technology has contributed to an improving Housing Service.
  • Optimising Performance - BSI Standards ISO 9001 Accreditation
    • Where savings were previously projected at £240k, this was the combined total for bringing in the new Integrated Housing Management System and delivering on full ISO accreditation. This has now been split with £50k savings attached to the ISO project and the other £190k savings being realised through the delivery of the new IHMS.
    • An induction programme for all staff, including mandatory Customer Service training, delivered by the Chartered Institute of Housing completed by, 94% of all staff.

Redesign of BMD

  • Project progressing well and previous amber status for workstream 3 is now green.
  • Scottish Housing Regulator KPIs and landlord averages updated.  Workflow team within depot progressing with scheduling more appointments and improve performance across the ARC indicators shown.

Services for the Bereaved

  • Summer / autumn 2019 should see major project milestones completed.
  • Delay in getting DPIA completed and approved has delayed the implementation of the Cemetery Management System.

Transformation of Business Support

  • Project progressing, savings on target
  • Met with accountant to agree additional financial info required
  • Meeting  with Stirling and Clacks Councils to discuss shared services options scheduled and re-scheduled
  • Discussion held with BMD phase 3 project lead to advise of implications for this project if not progressed.

Transformation of HR & Payroll

  • Potential areas for collaboration e.g. Fire Warden training, H&S Incident Investigation, Shared Employment Law Seminars have been identified, but the opportunity to develop shared services would, be dependent on aligning service delivery.
  • It is recognised this would have a significant operational impact compared with present service delivery arrangements. 
  • Further progress in these areas would require management from all partners to:
    • commit to alignment of service delivery
    • prioritise this work alongside other operational & project work.

Transformation of Environmental Services

  • Positive early indication with reduced tonnage coming into HWRC sites for the months of May & June. update.

Transformation of Roads & Grounds Maintenance

  • As transformational change takes time, yet savings are required quickly, there is concern that due to the pace of change being slow transformation of the Service may not occur quickly enough for the required savings to be achieved.

Support & Learning for All

  • The project is continually working with Service Manager (ASN) , Finance and  the Project Sponser to meet the savings for  2020/2021 on a monthly basis.
  • Savings for 2019/20 have now been met and agreed with the Director of Children Services.
  • A staff member with an extensive additional support needs background will support the project 1 day per week which will be funded through the change fund.
  • The Project Manager will be increasing their contract from 2 days per week  to 3 days per week from week commencing 12th August 2019  until 31st March 2020 to provide further support to the project.
  • Further options are still being explored to identify where school staff may have the capacity  to lead on sub-projects however this will not be resolved until the schools return after the summer break.

Reform of Planning Service

  • ·Regulations flowing out the Planning Bill will impact on delivery timescales for this project however this should not impact on savings identified.