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Clocking up the miles riding to work on an old uncomfortable touring bike led Richard Teed to treat himself to a quality ride three years ago.

Since then, the Senior Forward Planning Officer with Children’s Services who has cycled to work on and off for the last 15 years, commutes 17 miles each way once or twice a week during the summer covering up to 270 miles each month.

Having taken advantage of the Council’s Cycle to Work scheme twice in the past ten years, it was a no brainer to apply once again when he decided to replace his mountain bike.

Operating as a salary sacrifice, Cycle to Work allows you to lease a bike – which now includes e-bikes - from your employer over the period of a year, paying 12 equal payments to cover the cost.

After the year, the Council may offer you the opportunity to transfer ownership of the bike for a fee which allows you to then keep it – or you can choose to return it in good condition.

Richard said: “There’s no cheaper way to get into cycling and it’s the best way to exercise. I keep fit, lose weight, enjoy some ‘me’ time and I’m energised for the day ahead after a great cycle to work. The hardest thing is deciding to ride to work that day – getting your shorts on and filling your water bottle, but once you’re on your bike it’s always easy. I’m getting a wee bit slower every year, but who cares? I’ll be cycling into my 80s hopefully!”

And health and well being aren’t the only benefits Richard enjoys, there’s a financial benefit over and above the money he has saved using the scheme. 

“I save about £5 in fuel every day I cycle to and from work.  One year, I worked out that I’d paid for the bike just by using it.”

Cycle to Work has helped over 850 Council employees save up to 32% of the cost of buying a bicycle since it launched in 2009. Open twice a year, the scheme is once again taking applications from September 23th until October 27th.

More information on the Cycle to Work scheme can be found online.

Richard Teed