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Twenty five employees are set to take part in an innovative training programme that aims to unleash their inner entrepreneur and help spark behaviour change across the Council.

Kicking off with a two-day intensive boot camp on October 2nd and 3rd, the programme aims to challenge and grow attendee’s skills and knowledge. A four-week sprint of short daily tasks then follows to embed new ways of thinking.

Once completed our 25 entrepreneurial ambassadors, who are spread across Corporate & Housing, Development, Adult, and Children’s Services, will:

  • Think like an entrepreneur about opportunities. They’ll be able to spot a problem worth solving, test solutions and build a credible pitch for further investment/roll-out.
  • Understand themselves better, including their strengths and the thinking that may interfere with progress.
  • Use new tools in practice and develop a common language that can be shared with others to spark their inner entrepreneur.
  • Connect and collaborate with other like-minded people across the organisation to create commercial opportunities.

Stuart Ritchie, Senior Responsible Owner of the Council of the Future programme of change, said: “Change is infectious. Once it takes hold it spreads like wildfire – and that is why this training is so important. It will help us grow our understanding of the commercial world, realise the ambitions of our Entrepreneurial Workstream and provide attendees with the tools and confidence needed to pass on what they’ve learnt to others. In a nut shell, it will help us change our culture and the way we approach our work.”

The Sprint Programme has been designed by Entrepreneurial Spark, global experts in enabling entrepreneurial mind-sets and behaviours.

As well as helping over 4000 entrepreneurs in the UK become credible, backable and investable, the organisation has spent the past seven years working across four continents helping more than 10,000 people grow and scale businesses.

Using the skills and knowledge their team has built up, the company has created the bespoke package of training specifically to help the Council realise its entrepreneurial ambitions.