Relationships First

  • There is a high level of commitment from the Public Servant (staff) group. Following initial training, evidence was shared that reflected group members taking learning back to their workplace as hoped.
  • Discussion has taken place at the Corporate Parenting Steering group on combining reports on several key projects aimed at improving outcomes for care experienced young people.
  • We believe there is an opportunity for collaboration with Falkirk Council service designers during the Relationships First Project Co-Design phase (Jan - May 2020).
  • We plan to create a website/blog to share information about this project (process, evidence, learning etc.).

Information Working for You 

  • Solid progress on Business Classification Scheme (BCS) – only 8% of 1,000 lines still to be checked (mainly Planning & Building Standards).
  • Approval of draft BCS by Information Working for You Group on August 29th.
  • Office 365 consultants have been provided with BCS to form basis of file plan structure for Office 365 set-up.
  • Meeting of open data working group on 26th August, with some additional resource identified.  Next meeting on 30th October.

Fit for the Future

  • Anytime Anywhere
    • Communication plan drafted
    • Presentation to the leadership forum.
    • Procurement paperwork now received for review
  • Communication
    • The Employee Engagement Survey was launched on 2nd September.
    • The August Falkirk 5 was issued and feedback continues to be positive.
    • Communications packages around the procurement and modernising industrial relationships projects have gone live.
    • A communications plan has been drafted to support the Anytime Anywhere project.
    • Work is ongoing to plot a timeline and develop awareness-raising ideas for employee awards event.
  • Organisational Development
    • Cultural Change workshops have started and the feedback so far is positive.
    • A review of the APDS Hackathon has been completed and work has started on producing a new employee review scheme.
    • The Local Government Judgement Indicator completion date was extended by a week. The completion rate is not yet known although it is likely to be above 85%.
    • Work has begun with Waste Management on supporting Council of the Future thinking within all employees.
  • Absence
    • Review of Occupational Health contract complete – extended to July 2020.
    • Delay in progressing Nurse pilot due to expiry of national framework agreement.
    • Monthly case management meetings established within HR to review progress of long-term cases across Services.
  • Recruitment Review
    • A number of profiles have been drafted and issued to services for comment.
    • The initial development work - to have the employee number allocated prior to start date - is complete and will now be subject to testing and procedural review/documentation.
    • Induction programme developed and dates scheduled.
  • Workforce of the Future
    • Meetings during summer focused on overtime spend in Roads and Janitors.

Smart Working Smart Travel

  • Additional 31 vehicles delivered and are being prepared to be passed to service users who requested them. This will take place during September 2019 with all vehicles being in-service by September 30th. This will mean that the Council has 91 pool cars being utilised across all directorates.
  • Monthly financial reports have been sent to Directors and Heads of Service showing spend on mileage claims and highlighting where more work needs to be done within service areas to ensure that full use of the pool cars takes place with a view to reduce the spend.
  • The project is projected to exceed savings target of £50k.

Strategic Property Review (SPR)

  • Draft Property Strategy prepared in line with SPR findings and approved asset principles. Executive approval required.
  • CIPFA have undertaken a series of interviews and workshops across the Council to help inform recommendations for the implementation of Corporate Client. A first draft of the report will be received end of October.
  • Programme of work for the SPR has been developed and three workstreams identified.
  • A community consultation has been developed to understand community use of assets and their views with regard to property and access to services which will be launched on September 16th for approximately six weeks. This will help inform the next stages of the SPR and to assist Falkirk Community Trust in the delivery of its five-year business plan.

Council HQ & Arts Centre

  • We have continued to review staff numbers, Committee Suite usage, and potential areas that can be shared between the HQ & Arts Centre, however, there is a need to progress the Arts Centre so it can be deliverable and financially affordable.

Green Travel Plan

  • Information gathering stage complete, now considering which measures could be included in the draft Green Travel Plan.
  • Discussions with Children’s Services has taken place regarding the ‘Scoot to School’ project.

Corporate Approach to Fleet Hire

  • A report showing the actual spend within each service division from April 1st this year to July 31st indicates there is a general overspend between five to 10% of the overall budget.
  • The service areas contributing to that overspend have been asked to re-align budgets or to reduce the number of hires.
  • Some areas are hiring vehicles using a budget code with no funds allocated against that budget. It is hoped that overall the services concerned will address this and a further budget update will be provided to them end of September that will cover the six months of the financial year.
  • It is hoped that by identifying an overspend early in the financial year it will give services a better handle on the number of hires they actually require.