Latest update

Procuring for the Future

  • Publication of the Council’s second Annual Procurement Report demonstrating sustained improvement across all the main national Key Performance Indicators.
  • The three new graduates are now in post and this will assist the project accelerate a number of improvement actions.

Food For Falkirk

  • Lunch is now being served in 10 Nurseries which commenced 1140 hrs provision in August.

Commercialisation of Roads, Grounds & Maintenance.

  • While meetings have taken place with neighbouring authorities, and an agreement was reached to work more collaboratively, Clackmannanshire Council does not require assistance from Falkirk Council this winter in terms of labour. This means income c£10k that was generated last winter will not be generated this year.

Commercialisation of Environmental Services

  • There continues to be a downward trend for residual waste coming into Household Waste Recycling Centres.
  • A paper-based system is in place, with visitors using vans having to present a postcard for stamping. An electronic system would speed up the process both at the site and within the back office.

Commercialisation of Corporate Finance

  • Engagement with Communications, Legal, IT (advice) and various Corporate Finance teams (opportunities) has been undertaken with regards offering financial services externally.  
  • Have engaged with Strathcarron Hospice and committed to tendering for three-year Internal Audit contract.

Fees & Charges

  • Contacted and met Services (Children’s and Falkirk Community Trust) to look at fees and charges.
  • Work ongoing to develop Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction to inform impact of developing concessions for existing charges