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If you are reading this the likelihood is you’re at work sitting at a desk in a council building. Now take a moment to look around the desk. Is it clean and clear of clutter? Yes, brilliant, you’re ahead of the game.

But if you see stacks of papers or files, books or plants, photos or food – anything that’s taking over the space – then some changes need to happen, because keeping desks clutter free won’t just help us work mobile and flexibly it could help reduce stress and increase productivity.

Research has shown that when there are lots of objects and shapes for the brain to process it can affect how we process information. Put bluntly, our brains like order and a messy work environment can make it difficult to focus.

A study by scientists in America also backs up these claims. They found when people cleared the environment around them they processed information better and were more focused.

That means we all need to tap into our inner Marie Kondo, the Japanese tidying guru who believes a tidy environment results in a calm, motivated and positive mindset. All we have to do is use the CLEAN UP tips below to keep our work environment clutter free.

Clean team spaces

Let go of what you don’t need

Every desk clutter free

Always remember to recycle

No excess printing

Use your space wisely

Personal items taken homeA clean and clear desk