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Removing barriers that stop projects progressing is fundamental to the success of the Entrepreneurial Workstream Board.

Carl Bullough, Senior Responsible Owner, stressed the need for delivery on all the benefits associated with each of the projects.

Board members were then taken through a number of potential income generating ideas that had been put forward by employees.

Graeme Webster, Chair, said: "These exciting and innovative ideas are being explored and those whose ideas are viable will be integral in their project’s development, from inception through to income generation."

Project Managers at the Board were reminded of the need to foster and encourage an entrepreneurial mindset, as every pound generated helps reduce the need to save from elsewhere.

On the back of that commitment, a two-day Entrepreneurial boot camp and four-week training sprint has been developed with Entrepreneurial Spark to embed new ways of thinking and behaviours with key innovators currently working for the Council.

The next Entrepreneurial Workstream Board will take place on October 25th.