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Discussing the challenges we face openly and finding solutions rather than hurdles and remaining stuck is the way we will deliver services of the future.

Speaking to Project Managers at the recent Services of the Future Workstream Board, Sara Lacey, Chair, said that having difficult conversations to shift barriers would support the creation of services that meet the needs of employees and communities. 

She said: “Given that six of the top ten priority projects sit within this workstream and impact on the core business of the Council there should be no shortage of networks and opportunities to tap into and form so that we can quickly overcome challenges together.”

The Investing for Inclusive Growth project – which could secure potential investment of £280m for the Falkirk Council area – was highlighted as a perfect example of how cementing relationships between services can bear fruit. There was a need to establish the future working profile of the local area so links were formed between Education and Economic Development.

By working together the services were able to highlight how the investment could positively affect pathways to work for young people looking for a career locally. The example then led to discussions about how the project could create opportunities for the Housing of Tomorrow project and how town centres may change in the future.

Sara said: “There are many of these links still to be made across the Council and much work to be done to ensure that they are made. What is already apparent though is that there is a need to work across services to maximise opportunities and produce solution-focused services of the future.”

The next meeting of the Services of the Future Workstream Board is scheduled for October 21st.