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CAN Representative

  • Caroline Watson attended and will be our CAN for the Workstream Board having previously indicated an interest in attending

Project Updates – Amber Status Projects

  • Information Working For You: The Business Classification Scheme was approved end of August. Additional resource required to support and progress the project will be identified.
  • Recruitment Review: A number of positives including recruitment now managed centrally. The project has been slightly delayed due to external factors.
  • Council HQ & Arts Centre: Recommendation from external consultants is over budget and work is underway to identify alternatives that will bring the project back in line with budget.
  • Corporate Approach to Fleet Hire: Savings are to be made from reducing our spend on fleet hire.  There are some areas of overspend from April 2019 and this is being addressed monthly with Services.

Changes to Project List

  • Review of Business Correspondence and Review of Decision Making: It has been agreed with the Chief Governance Officer that these projects will now be delivered by Governance and align with other business as usual work.
  • Prepaid cards : This is a new Transformational Enablers project and will help the Council shift from cash payments to the use of prepaid cards.

Finance – all projects currently on target to achieve stated savings

  • SPR: Property Savings will be reinvested in the property portfolio to improve buildings. A subgroup will look at additional operational savings across services which can  be realised if we reduce the number of buildings.
  • Fit for the Future Terms and Conditions: There are ongoing discussions with Trade Unions and roadshows will be held with employees to develop these changes.
  • Information Working For You: Savings will be facilitated through more efficient processes and ways of working.
  • Corporate Approach to Fleet Hire : An additional £50,000 saving has been identified for 19/20.
  • Smart Working Smart Travel: £100,000 worth of savings have been made this year, however this does not take into consideration the running costs of vehicles. More work is needed to reduce mileage claims by all employees.
  • Prepaid Cards : Savings will be scoped out over coming months especially to look at how this will facilitate savings across the Council.
  • Relationships First: Savings will be scoped out over coming months.

Council of the Future Vision

  • The Workstream Board will review the Council of the Future Vision and consider in the context of the Transformational Enablers projects, what’s missing, what needs to change and what needs to be added in to properly reflect our vision for Council of the Future.

Make it happen – quick wins

  • This was introduced as a new standard agenda item and will  focus on any small or quicker pieces of work that may not be a project but will help deliver transformational change.

Summary of meeting

  • Culture and behaviour change is pivotal to successful delivery our transformational projects
  • All employees have a role to play in transforming our Council and this includes actively getting involved or keeping informed
  • Our projects will facilitate operational savings across the Council

Next meeting

  • October 21st