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Project Updates – amber & red status projects

  • Business applications review – Change fund bid has been submitted but challenges with resources remain. Much work done already to reduce duplication in council apps. Need more support from services to provide info on service systems. To be escalated to Make it Happen board
  • SWIS Replacement - Report has gone to CMT, recognition that there are challenges in data cleansing but must take time to get it right.
  • Falkirk Cloud Education – Amber status due to resourcing issue. Working on PSN compliance.
  • Enterprise telephony - Slight delay due to resourcing issue with supplier (BT). Big offices still on track.
  • IRMS - Red status - moved from Amber last month.  Issue with hosting with the software supplier.  Need to continue the negotiations and discussions with the software supplier.  Options appraisal will be carried out to decide where we go from here.  
  • Digital Transformation of Business Support - Will free up four fulltime equivalent, challenges getting it over the line. More than one year overdue, but they are almost there. To be escalated to Adult Services.
  • RST Infrastructure project - Wifi expansion has recently been rolled out to 3 primary schools : St Pats, Antonine & St. Andrews
Digital Innovation Sparkathon feedback
  • School pupil digital champions impressed with their creativity, positivity and maturity
  • Use of digital tools and BYOD should be replicated at future workshops
  • Feedback from event to be collated and distributed
  • A lot of the good ideas generated at the session relate to projects underway – list to be compared to ongoing projects and potential new projects to be identified
Vision – what does our Council of the Future Vision look like?
  • Agreed that our vision  will be informed by the collated outputs of the Digital Sparkathon

Virtual Learning

  • Noted that project name will change to “Learning Zone” to reflect revised scope

Change Fund Bids

  • Noted that change fund bids for Rock Solid Technology will  be considered by the end of October.

Key messages

  • Hard work is ongoing on all projects including key projects with Red/Amber status.
  • Consideration to be given to focus on what needs to happen to get red/amber projects back on track
  • Consideration to be given to invitees for future Digital Boards e.g. to hear more about project successes.