Latest update
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CAN Representative

  • Jacqueline Wilson has been appointed CAN representative for the Workstream Board having previously indicated an interest in attending.

Project Updates – amber status projects

  • Advice Hubs & Spokes
    • Report to go to Executive in October which will include an update on the status of the Central Hub.

Challenges for Community Sparkathon November 5th & 6th 

  • The following challenges will be explored at the upcoming community sparkathon:
    • Behaviour & Culture change:
      • A ‘One council’ approach: how we want the council to behave by 2023
      • Getting key staff and other staff to engage with communities more effectively
      • Strategic Property Review: engaging communities in dialogue around service and facility priorities.
      • Locality Planning in central locality: Central locality could be a test bed for a new approach which could be explored at the community sparkathon. This will also explore Participatory Budgeting (PB) and ask the community how they want to be involved in a PB process.

Council of the Future Vision

  • Don’t  cloud the landscape with multiple visions
  • Suggestions included:
    • Getting it Right for Every Community
    • Getting it right with every community
    • Getting it right with our community

Make it happen – quick wins

  • Engagement workshop – achieving buy-in to what we’re trying to do
  • Engagement mapping exercise to be completed. Pro-formas to be submitted by 22 September 2019
  • Review of workstreams with a view to additional ‘community related’ projects moving to Enabled Communities
  • Preparation of key terms glossary
  • Community Sparkathon November 5th & 6th 

Summary of meeting

  • Enabled Communities workshop update
  • Review of projects with Amber/Red status:
  • Closer to Home and Advice Hubs and Spokes projects are currently at amber status. Locality Planning project at green status.
  • Project Success Measures and PI’s to be reviewed to assist progress monitoring. Workstream success measures to be confirmed.
  • Workstream Challenges to be explored during Community Sparkathon in November.
Next meeting
  • Scheduled to take place on October 23rd.