The Council is on target to meet the £18.6m savings laid down in the business plan for this financial year, with savings options for 2020/21 currently exceeding the estimated £20.3m budget gap.

Work is now underway to identify further savings to ensure targets can be met over subsequent years.

Any potential impact the savings options for 2020/21 may have on the workforce remain broadly in line with business plan estimates, which have already been communicated to employees.

Bryan Smail, Falkirk Council’s Chief Finance Officer, said: “Considerable progress has been made in developing the Medium Term Financial Plan and the Council of the Future transformation programme, which has helped put the Council on a positive trajectory.

“There is no doubt, however, that the economic challenges facing the Council over the medium term will remain extremely challenging. That is why we have to continue to be proactive and strategic in our forward planning to ensure financial robustness and sustainability.”

In the MTFP paper that will go before the Executive tomorrow (October 29th). the Council’s projected budget gap by 2024/25 remains relatively stable at c£77m, as does the £2.5bn spend on service delivery.

The paper also highlights the local government grant settlement is expected to be announced shortly after the Scottish Government budget is unveiled mid-December, with that budget likely to be agreed in the Scottish Parliament  early in the New Year.

Members will not be asked to make any decisions regarding savings at the Executive.