Tomorrow (October 29th) members will consider the Council's refreshed business plan covering period 2019/20 to 2023/24

The business plan is now expected to bridge c£74m of the Council’s projected c£77m budget gap by March 2024 - but more work needs to be done to fully balance the budget.

Savings options of c£37m have been identified for the first five years of the plan through the five Council of the Future workstreams. Further non-transformational savings of c£8m have also been included in the business plan for members to consider.

In addition, £5m savings are expected from the Falkirk Community Trust and a further £12.5m from the Integration Joint Board.

Work is now underway to identify savings options for 2024/25.

Stuart Ritchie, Senior Responsible Owner, Council of the Future, said: “The updated business plan now provides members with an increased range of budget options to consider over the next five years. Our business plan options now cover 96 per cent of the forecast budget gap and further work will continue to find more options.”

Since the last Executive update earlier this year, CotF projects have delivered fundamental changes to how we operate and deliver services. Highlights include:

A number of engagement and capacity building activities have also taken place to help inform, develop and listen to our employees, including:

Rebecca McDonald, Change Manager, said: “We have more than 50 Project Managers across the Council focused on delivering meaningful change and supporting others to do so through a range of engagement activities such as: community conversations, employee listening events, COTF boards, trades union meetings, and elected member forums. We now need to identify more likeminded people and ensure they are involved in making our council, the Council of the Future.”

Members will not be asked to make any decisions regarding savings at the Executive.